Boise Rigging Supply has a large inventory of wire rope on hand. We cut wire rope to custom lengths, and provide reels for larger lengths. Boise Rigging stocks a large variety of wire rope fittings, and provides flemish eyes (loops) upon request. Click Here to buy Wire Rope Slings.

Wire Rope Types

  • 6×19
  • 6×36
  • Galvanized Aircraft Cable
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rotation Resistant
  • High Performance Compacted Strand

Wire Rope Fittings

  • Threaded Studs
  • Open & Closed Swage Sockets
  • Thimbles for Thimble Eyes
  • Choker hooks and Choker Bells
  • Buttons

Call or Visit us today for your custom wire rope job! Ask us about your project – our sales staff are experienced in rigging and product application, and will help you get the right equipment for the right job.