CUSTOM CRANE SYSTEMS                                                           

Boise Rigging Supply sells complete Overhead Crane Systems and components. We will build and install Overhead Crane Systems up to 15 tons or provide a Complete Overhead Crane kit with everything you need to build your own Overhead Crane System.


      Crane Types

  • Top Running Cranes
  • Underhung Cranes
  • Standalone Cranes
  • Ceiling Mounted Cranes

     Standard Features

  • Corded Pendant
  • Festooning Cable
  • Duct-o-bar Conductor Systems
  • End Stops
  • Directional Stickers
  • VFD Controls

     Optional Features

  • Enrange Wireless Radio Remote
  • Roving Corded Pendant
  • Wall Mounted Pendant
  • Kick-down Travel Limit Switches
  • Warning Light
  • Horn
  • Laser\Infrared Avoidance System
  • Cable Reel
  • Multiple Hoists on single bridge







Help improve production with either a Jib Crane or a Gantry Crane today. Call us for a free analysis of your workplace to see how we can help increase your workplace production or come into our shop and view our new 5 Ton Jib Crane.