Boise Rigging Supply, southern Idaho’s exclusive Cablecraft dealer, manufactures throttle cables, push-pull cables, and control cables in house. Micro-adjustable throttle control and Turn to Lock cables are stocked at 120” and 240” lengths.

Cablecraft control cables are widely regarded as the most efficient and flexible control cable in the industry. Every cable is uniquely numbered for traceability.

Ordering Options:

  • Bring your old cable to our shop and we can duplicate it in as little as one hour
  • Ship your old cable to us and we will duplicate it and send both back to you.
  • Identify the correct ordering code, using the five steps below, of your application and we will assemble a cable for pickup or to be shipped.

Control Cable Push Pull Cable Instructions

An example of a control cable “ordering code” looks like this 173 – V – TG – 3 – 144. The following example will help you determine the information required to make up the “ordering code” of your control cable.

Step 1
Determine cable material depending on usage and conditions. See details of 173 Utility and 313 Low-Friction EXT to determine which one you should choose.

Utility (173): The Rugged Gray Cable is the industry standard and is designed for a long life under rugged conditions.
Low-Friction-EXT (313): The Green Cable is the proper cable to use when superior efficiency is required. The extruded synthetic cover over the inner member works extremely smoothly with the poly liner.

Step 2
Determine the “duty” (size) of the cable by the diameter and the threads of the end rods.
V = 10-32 (very light duty)
L = 1/4-28 (light duty)
M = 5/16-24 (medium duty)
H = 3/8-24 (heavy duty)

Step 3
Determine the type of conduit end fittings (conduit caps) for left end and right end.
T = threaded
G = Grooved
TG combinations.

Step 4
Determine the travel of the end rod. 1″ through 6″ in one inch increments.
1 inch
2 inches
3 inches
4 inches
5 inches
6 inches

Step 5
Determine the overall length of the cable.
Example: 144 inches

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